Lambda Links

Lambda Links Beltway Challenge 2024

This is a voluntary season-long competition designed as a fundraiser for our club and to encourage friendly competition. Competition Venues for the Challenge. We are scheduled to play the following courses three times throughout the season. The Competition Venues are: Northwest, Herndon Centennial, Needwood, and Twin Lakes – The Lakes course.

Prerequisites: Be a member of Lambda Links, Have a valid handicap within the GHIN (either through Lambda or another club), Pay the one-time fee for the season of $75.00, you may enter at any time during the season. Note this fee is in addition to membership dues. 

How the Competition Works: Competitors need to play each venue course at least once to compete for the grand prize. On the day we play at a competition venue, players will enter their scores into the GHIN. We recommend you use the hole-by-hole scoring function to ensure the maximum hole score for handicap purposes is properly applied. For a score to count it MUST be entered into GHIN by the Tuesday.

The season long grand prize winner will be decided by adding up the players lowest NET score at each venue to arrive at a season long NET total score. The players with the lowest score at each venue will also be awarded a cash prize. Gimmes are allowed! Inside the leather – please make sure your foursome agrees.

Entering the Contest. You must pay before the first event at a competition course that you intend to record a score at. Payment for entry can be completed HERE. Alternatively, you may pay by cash or check to the treasurer.

Prizes: The pot is split 50/50. 50% goes to Lambda Links and the other 50% is paid out to the grand prize winner and the winner at each venue:
– The low NET winners at each venue will each receive up to $75 (so there are four chances to earn your entry fee back). A player can only win one venue.
– The Grand Prize is awarded to the season-long combined low net winner who will take the remaining money from the payout. The grand prize winner will not be eligible for the venue prizes.

Max Score: In accordance with USGA handicapping rules, we will use NET double bogey as the maximum score. Net double bogie is par PLUS 2 strokes PLUS any handicap strokes allocated to you for that hole (typically 1 or maybe 2 strokes). Hint – if you use the GHIN hole by hole scoring feature it does the math and stroke limits for you!

Tie breaker for season long winner (low net at all four venues): Low score at Herndon, Lakes, Northwest, Needwood. If there is still a tie, the winners will split the pot. 

Tie breaker for venue low winners. Winners split the pot.

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